Abstract Addiction


Marital Bliss

Size: 48″ x 24″ x .75″ (122 x 61 cm)
  • Paint: Metallic acrylic on canvas
  • Colors: Purple, turquoise, pink, silver, black, and white
  • Style: Contemporary abstract (original, one-of-a-kind)
  • Shipping: Secured and padded in a large box, could possibly be unframed and rolled
  • Authenticity: Signed and dated on the back by the artist, Jason Galeener

For purchase and shipping information, please contact me at Jason@AbstractAddiction.com.

I love this abstract art piece! It’s attractive, elegant, colorful, and it just has… style. I wanted to experiment with metallic acrylic paints and my wife LOVES purple and pink, so I played around, found a groove, and had fun. There is a decent amount of paint on this piece so it has some texture you can run your fingers across. The color in this art can vary quite a bit, depending on your lighting. We have canned lights in our house that can adjust from 2700K (very yellow/warm) up to 5000K (almost blue/cold), with 3 slots in-between, and it is a different painting on each setting. The picture on this site is largely using sunlight and provides a rich vibrant purple, though the colors soften as we transition to indoor lighting. This is also one of the thinnest low-profile pieces I have done. I normally like bulky canvases, the thicker the better, but this is actually less than an inch deep, and it fits nice and tight up against the wall. We have this hung in our bedroom, but I can see this going almost any place, whether it is in a living room, entry way, office, or in an industrial setting; I think you’ll be happy with this wherever you hang it.

If you like the style or colors in this, I can create this in any size or shape if you’d like to commission a piece.