Abstract Addiction



Size: 40 inches x 30 inches x 1.5 inch depth, framed canvas (121.92 x 76.2 cm)

* Paint: Glossy acrylic on canvas
* Colors: Bright blue, green, yellow, orange, red, black and white
* Style: Contemporary Abstract (original one-of-a-kind)
* Shipping: Secured and padded in a large box, can’t be rolled
* Authenticity: Signed and dated on the back by the artist, Jason Galeener

For purchase and shipping information, please contact me at Jason@AbstractAddiction.com.

This original abstract art piece was requested by my wife as she loves the Jackson Pollock-style paintings. It is one of our favorites and currently sits in the entranceway to our own home — though we are happy to find it a new home if you are interested. Our home is painted a light beige and this piece helps to bring in some much-needed color, though in pictures I really like the look against darker backgrounds as well. This piece is best described as happy, energetic, and joyful. As you can see, it is very bright and colorful, though the black elements are a must for contrast, and the hints of white give it some extra pop. One of the more interesting features of this artwork are the sides which are painted black with the 5 base colors dripping over the edges. If you would like to commission a similar piece, I can make this in any size and color scheme.
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