Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. For me, becoming an artist has been fraught with self-doubt, and luckily I have great people surrounding me to help me through it.

People who I am grateful for

First and foremost, I have my wife, who has never once made fun of me for doing something so far out of my norm. Instead, she has only been encouraging; and she has always known what I was capable of more than I knew myself. She has allowed me to spend large amounts of money on a hobby and explore turning it into a business. And she has taken on enough of that hobby to go with me to galleries and fares, in order to help that business grow.


My better half

Then there is Ed Swarez, who has basically taught me how to be an abstract artist, both from a painting and business point of view. His work is amazing and his work ethic is even better. Ed is vulnerable enough to put his methods and art on social media and I have thanked him multiple times for sharing his failures as well. It takes a lot of character to share the pieces that don’t work so well, and it gives me courage to see such a stud mess up every now and then. I could only hope to be a fraction of the artist he is. His last name isn’t actually Swarez, but it might as well be. All hail Ed.


Swarez, the man, the myth, the legend.

Karo Martirosyan has had an effect on me more important than he may know. We spoke at a an art fair for 30 minutes, and in that short amount of time he encouraged me in a number of different ways: 1) that I’m actually a decent artist, 2) that I should look to sell it at future art fairs and online (along with tips on how to do so), and 3) by being one hell of an artist who creates AWESOME work that is inspiring all by itself. Thank you, Karo.


Karo’s “Palette”

My therapist, my couple’s therapist, and my Monday night men’s group.

My individual therapist has helped me become a healthier person and I would have never had the courage to do something as crazy as paint abstract artwork if he didn’t help me step into fear. Our couple’s therapist was excellent at helping my wife and I save our marriage and she painted a piece for the office that was both cool and looked easy, and I was hugely impressed that she did it. It had never dawned on me that someone might paint something for their own house or office. And my men’s group help keep my head on straight and allow me to be more vulnerable than I have ever been… with anybody, like ever. They also see my new artwork on a regular basis and encourage me to continue.

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