Abstract Addiction



Size: 48 inches x 48 inches x 1.5 inch depth, framed canvas (122 x 122 cm)
  • Paint: Acrylic (some metallic) on canvas
  • Colors: Blue, silver, yellow, purple, burnt orange, turquoise, black, green
  • Style: Modern/abstract art (original, one-of-a-kind)
  • Shipping: Secured and padded in a large box
  • Authenticity: Signed and dated on the back by the artist, Jason Galeener

For purchase and shipping information, please contact me at Jason@AbstractAddiction.com.

SOLD. I can recreate if you would like to commission a similar piece.

This original abstract art piece was really fun to make! The original colors I wanted to use (blue, purple, turquoise, yellow, with hints of orange and black) didn’t quite pop enough, so late in the process I added metallic silver and that helped tremendously. This is an interesting mix of swoops, arcs, and arches on a square canvas, and is really versatile for placement in a home or office. The rich colors add elegance to an abstract piece that is really energetic, so I would suggest adding this to a space that needs some livening up. When I look at it I think of business lobbies, living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. If you would like to commission a similar piece, I cam make this in any size and color scheme.

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